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Organic structure analysis OceanMedicines/ScotCEHM course

The joint OceanMedicines/ ScotCHEM course (5-7 December 2016) went very well. We had 5 ScotCHEM students, and from Ocean Medicines we had 5 from Tromso, 1 from University of Western Cape, 1 from Naples, 1 from Medina, as well as several students from Aberdeen. In total we had 21 students, of mixed ability, but we split them into 5 teams so that each team had some more experienced people and novices. Socially it went well and the students worked well together and we had a pizza/beer mixer which got the students to really know each other. I think the model works well, and we learnt from the experience – we will do things differently the next time we run the course. The 5 instructors also enjoyed it, we had 2 ECRs (postdocs) teaching on the course, and they gained valuable teaching experience

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