Each SNUG facility has expertise in specific areas that are highlighted on this page.

Every liquid state SNUG NMR laboratory can perform routine analysis which includes measurement of one dimensional NMR spectra of all common nuclei, in particular proton and carbon, and perform a range of two-dimensional experiments such as COSY, TOCSY, NOESY, HSQC, HMBC, INADEQUATE and diffusion ordered NMR spectroscopy. Relaxation measurements, reaction kinetics and quantitative analysis are also routinely performed.

SNUG NMR Facility Specialities

Chemistry, University of Aberdeen

  • Marine natural product

  • Purified extract and compound library

Beatson Institute for Cancer Research

  • Drug development

  • NMR of biological materials

Drug Discovery Unit, University of Dundee

  • Drug development

  • Fluorine NMR

Chemistry/Biology, University of Edinburgh

  • NMR methodology development

  • Carbohydrates: structure and conformation

  • Protein-carbohydrate interactions

  • Environmental mixtures analysis, e.g. soil, water

  • Multidimensional NMR of biomolecules

  • Food/drink chemometric analysis

  • Reaction kinetics using stop flow

  • Benchtop NMR


  • NMR stand alone service (GLP)

  • NMR in support of synthesis

  • NMR certification of reference standards

  • Quantitative NMR (GLP compliant)

Life Sciences/Chemistry, University of Glasgow

  • Protein & nucleic acid 3D structure determination

  • Protein dynamics analysis

  • Protein-protein and protein-ligand interaction studies

  • High throughput metabolomics analysis

  • NMR service

Chemistry, Heriot-Watt University

  • Gels and swollen polymers

  • Characterisation of solids

  • Diffusion studies

  • Photocatalysis

Chemistry/Biology, University of St Andrews

  • Interaction of bacterial virulence factors with human proteins.

  • Lignin degradation products

  • Geology e.g. high pressure minerals

  • Microporous materirals

  • Ceramics

  • Perovskites

  • High-resolution studies of quadrupolar nuclei

  • First-principle calculation of NMR parameters

  • Solid state NMR experimental design

Chemistry, University of Strathclyde

  • NMR experimental design

  • Biomolecule structure and reactivity e.g. DNA, enzymes

  • Natural product mixtures

  • Chemical and biochemical reaction process monitoring