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    NMR can be performed in solution and in solid state. Most of our laboratories specialise in liquid state NMR, and we have one dedicated solid state lab, whilst a few have a dual capability. Several laboratories can acquire HR-MAS spectra of gels and compounds attached to beads.

    It is customary to characterise the spectrometers by their proton resonance frequency. Increased frequency brings more sensitivity and resolution. Nevertheless, many questions can be answered by medium strength instruments, which are more common.

    All of our laboratories provide standard high-level NMR analysis of samples. At the same time, each lab has expertise in certain areas. To find out the best match to your needs, visit the Specialisation page.

    For more information about what each lab can provide, use the following links, or for a list of all the spectrometers possessed by members of SNUG, see below.

    University of Aberdeen

    Beatson Institute for Cancer Research

    University of Dundee

    University of Edinburgh

    EPP Ltd

    University of Glasgow - Biology

    University of Glasgow - Chemistry

    Heriot-Watt University

    University of St Andrews

    University of Strathclyde

    University of the West of Scotland

    Liquid State NMR Facilities

    Chemistry, University of St Andrews

    Physics, University of Edinburgh

    Solid State NMR Facilities

    Chemistry, University of St Andrews

    Liquid State NMR Facilities

    Solid State NMR Facilities