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The University of the West of Scotland NMR facility is located in the Denholm building at the university's Paisley campus. The facility consists of a 500 MHz solution state spectrometer and is managed by Dr Mostafa Rateb.

NMR Spectrometers and Specialisation

The facility at UWS houses a 500 MHz JEOL ECZ-R500 spectrometer equipped with an Autotune Royal (Combined Inverse/Broadband/Multinuclear) probe. With this, we have the expertise to perform a wide range of applications, including organic structure elucidation/confirmation of complex natural products, analysing changes in reaction mixtures, monitoring concentrations, and detecting impurities, qualitative and quantitative analysis of pharmaceutical products, quantification and identification of illicit drugs, inorganic chemistry including multi-nuclear NMR theory & structure resolution of colours and chromophoric materials. 

More information on the probe can be found here.


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