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NMR at Heriot-Watt

The Heriot-Watt NMR facility housed in the Institute of Chemistry is maintained by Dr David Ellis. The facility is equipped for solution-phase and solid-phase observation. The equipment is set up to perform the most advanced NMR experiments in automation or manual mode. To find out more about the facility, click here.

300 MHz 2
400 MHz
400 MHz and 400 MHz

NMR Spectrometers


HW NMR Unit is equipped with CPMAS and HRMAS capability and can therefore offer analysis for solids, gels, and swollen polymers, in addition to full solution phase capability.

HW NMR also offers free measurement of NMR spectra for high schools.

Specialisation of the facility


Supporting Infrastructure

The NMR facility is equipped with a computing lab equipped with Topspin and Mnova.

For more information concerning the Institute of Chemical Sciences NMR facility please contact: Dr David Ellis

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