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NMR at Strathclyde

The University of Strathclyde NMR Facility housed in the Department of Pure and Applied Chemistry is currently supported by two members of staff. The facility is equipped for solution-phase NMR spectroscopic studies only. The equipment is able to perform the most advanced solution-phase NMR experiments in the context of multinuclear investigations. For more information, click here.

Avance III 500 MHz
Avance I 400 MHz
Avance III 400 MHz
Avance II plus 600 MHz
Computing Suite
Preparation Lab

NMR Spectrometers

  • Walk up service

  • VAT-exempt medical research-related work

  • Biomolecules e.g. DNA

  • Complex biomixtures

Specialisation of the facility


Supporting Infrastructure

The NMR facility is equipped with a sample preparation laboratory and a computing suite. A server archives all data acquired, which is backed up on an independent University archive. The NMR computer suite is equipped with licenses for Bruker Topspin, AMIX (for complex mixture and statistical analysis) and Dynamics Centre. It is also equipped with licenses for MestreLab’s Mnova (Version 9.0) including the reaction monitoring software module. Other pieces of NMR-related software are also available on request.

Access to and Use of Facilities


NMR training can be given to use those facilities that operate under automation. Strict adherence to the training is expected by all users for the good of all and the safe operation and maintenance of the equipment.


Use of the computing suite is allowed by all users of the facility. Guidance can be provided on the use of the various software tools on request.

For more information concerning the School of Pure & Applied Chemistry NMR facility please contact:

Dr John Parkinson

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