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    On this page you will find educational resources. These are placed in groups depending on level of learning.




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    2019 Edinburgh PG NMR course

    Prof Dušan Uhrín: Introduction to NMR spectroscopy
    Dr David Ellis: Diffusion ordered spectroscopy (DOSY)
    Dr John Parkinson: NMR of biomolecules - a brief overview
    Dr Claire Dickson: Benchtop NMR
    Dr John Parkinson: An example class: structure determination by NMR. Questions Answers
    Dr Daniel Dawson: Anisotropic interactions and high-resolution NMR in solids. Structure, disorder and dynamics - applications of solid-state NMR
    Prof Dušan Uhrín: Chemical exchange in NMR spectra. Slides Chemical exchange spreadsheet (Excel)
    Ms Yael Ben-Tal: NMR and kinetics
    Dr Dan Fletcher: Fragment screening by NMR
    Mr Alan Smith: NMR and multivariate analysis of mixtures

    2017 Edinburgh PG NMR course

    Prof Dušan Uhrín: NMR in a nutshell (additional material)
    Dr Lorna Murray: Overview of the NMR facility of the School of Chemistry
    Dr Lorna Murray: An example class: structure determination of a disaccharide. Questions Answers
    Prof Dušan Uhrín: Chemical exchange
    Mr Dan Norman: Solvent suppression
    Ms Rebecca Spicer: Diffusion Ordered Spectroscopy, DOSY
    Mr Will Kew: Nonlinear sampling (NUS)
    Mr Dan De Rosa: NMR of X-nuclei
    Mr Will Kew: Pure shift NMR
    Mr Eduardo Nieto: NMR and kinetics
    Dr Nicholle Bell: An example class: structure determination of a small organic molecule. Questions Answers
    Mr Juraj Bella: Topspin, structure verification and prediction

    2017 SNUG meeting talks

    Suitable for high school/advanced higher students

    NMR introduction by RSC Spectra School

    Suitable for chemistry undergraduates & postgraduates

    Suitable for biology university students & postgraduates

    Advanced NMR